Thursday, May 22, 2008

NN/g Group Conference Notes – Fundamental Guidelines for Web Usability (Anne Martin's Notes)

Web Usage:

Goals for the web: Make it easy to use, enjoyable, and don’t make the design stand out

The web is improving, and the user is becoming more knowledgeable.
– Success rates on the web have improved (getting the task competed) – 70% from 60% in 1999

People are using search engines more often (Google is most popular)
– First action: 89% use a search engine
– 3.1 sties are visited per task

People don’t go to one website to get the answer (therefore locking them into your website isn’t a good tactic, but leading with links works)

Interior pages are increasing in importance, people are not always starting at the homepage (search engines lead them to interior pages)
– 25% of people visit the homepage of a site first
– 75% visit an interior page

Time on-site:
– The length of time on the final page visited per task is 2 minutes 34 seconds
(1 min 42 sec on the previous sites)

Search Engine Results Page:
– 52% scroll the first search results page
– 5% view more than one page in the search results (people are more likely to conduct a new search than look at another results page)
– 47% choose the first result on the list (organic search – not paid)

Top ads perform better than right ad boxes (‘gaze time increases for the top ads’ – gaze time was testing using eye tracking)

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