Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nn/G Conference Notes #7- Final thoughts on web usability

Final thoughts on web usability:

1. Users vary in motivation – levels of engagement are divers

2. Cannot say ‘we want to show this cools stuff’ (Can’t impose joy or force joy by using aggressive video )

3. Help – usually doesn’t

4. Users fight back – inherently distrustful, don’t believe list is sorted by what’s best, don’t choose things that look like ads

5. Linear information path (not literally linear) – give a recommended next step (this is pleasant and removes the burden from the user)

6. Sign Post – tell users where they are (for example use bread crumbs)

7. Help people focus on what they want

8. Progressive disclosure – show a little then show more

9. Meet expectations – don’t break the flow (plug ins or downloads)

10. The web is a user-driven environment

11. Don’t be too template driven, some things need to be presented in different ways

12. Support the user's task, details matter, problems accumulate, break flow and lessen the sites credibility

13. Don’t let corporate structure shine through (your mental model vs. the customer) – usability testing removes the blindfold

14. Registration should not be a barrier – people may rebel (Lead generation – you will get less leads if you ask too early)

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