Thursday, May 22, 2008

NN/g Conference Notes #3: Don’t impose Joy

Don’t impose JOY

You can’t impose joy (scary Avatar’s talking, video runs without choices, no control over the video).

Make a clear option to skip video.

Provide opportunities for joy.

Content is king – sometimes websites are cool because of the content

Make the links clear – for example (where are the links?)

People with ‘low vision’ will use screen magnifiers – this is like looking through a paper towel – if you use hover text or cascading menus they can’t read it

Changing backgrounds can be distracting

Good example: NASA website (people enjoy the content, video, contrast)

WebMD – recommendations for the next article lead people to information they didn’t know they needed – gives more opportunity to educate (see ‘hot topics’).

Similar to You Tube, which gives new videos and helps people stay around

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