Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gardasil and Emend: Great examples of video Integration and Interactive tools

Venessa recently shared a couple of cool links with the Interactive team. Here are her thoughts on what makes these sites inspirational:

Emend quiz app, takes a more interactive approach to answering myth/facts questions--Very nice

Gardasil Product site
Great (great, great) integration of video and hosts. The flyout menu is different, fun and easy to use while giving a complete list of secondary and tertiary pages at a glance. The hosts are unobtrusive and really connect with the users (especially when they’re just quietly goofing around and showing their personalities). The video treatment is also fantastic in general, great realistic filming style. Another cool feature is this Questions To Ask Your Doctor app. They give you suggestions on questions to ask but also the ability to add your own questions to the list and then print them out together.

And there's more...Gardasil also has:

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