Monday, April 14, 2008

20 Most Commonly Searched Health Conditions

ComScore, Inc. released a listing of the 20 most commonly searched health conditions as well as the 15 most commonly searched prescription brands in February 2008. The two most frequently searched conditions were "Pregnancy" and "cancer," while Chantix was the most frequently searched prescription brand.

Also in the top 20:
Depression - #4
Diabetes - #5
Bipolar - #12
ADHD - #18
Fibromyalgia - #20

The article suggested that Fibromyalgia made the top 20 because of the recent approval of Lyrica. Marketing of the drug has most likely helped increase awareness of the condition.

Some of the most commonly searched brands:
Cymbalta - #7
Seroquel - #9
Cialis #12

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