Saturday, February 7, 2009

UGC and Company Responses

From Larry M.:

This reminds me of a corporate-sponsored site (Dell Ideastorm) that is designed to solicit customer feedback.

On this site, Dell solicits ideas from customers and allows other customers to promote or demote them to show Dell which ones matter most to the entire community.

From Dan M.:

Dear Adobe is a simple site that allows you to upload a complaint (or compliment) that you have regarding an Adobe Product.

The site was not created by Adobe, but they appear to have taken an interest in the feedback posted on the site, and set up a blog with responses to users’ gripes.

This isn’t quite as sneaky as sending a Tweet back to a user, but it’s a good example of how corporations are responding to user-generated content that is directed at their products.

Dear Adobe

Responses from Adobe

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