Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Health A Hot Topic On The Internet

A recent study by comScore, Inc. shows that visits to health information Websites have grown 21% during the past year, more than four times the growth rate of Internet visits overall.

While WebMD remains the #1 health information website from 2007-2008, it is interesting to see that Everyday Health (63% positive change), Revolution Health Network (182% positive change) and AOL Health (88% positive change) have had significant increases in site visits from '07-08, each attracting more than ten million visitors (see Chart below).

comScore noted that their increase in popularity may be due to the fact that these sites have become more active social communities:

"Most sites have become vibrant online communities rooted in sharing experiences and advice, rather than simply being one-way information resources for the consumer," said John Mangano, senior director at comScore, in a statement.

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